Our mission is to enable long-term human flourishing.

Our vision is a prosperous civilization that responds effectively to large-scale opportunities and existential threats alike.

Civilization has flourished in the past centuries, yet inevitably progress has been accompanied by new challenges. New models of growth are required for humankind to maintain high standards of living and reach its fullest potential without exploiting resources beyond repair. We imagine a prosperous future society built around sustainable models to effectively respond to large-scale opportunities and existential threats alike.

About us

Starlight is a venture firm architected to address humanity’s greatest challenges and opportunities. We invest early in the brightest entrepreneurs using science and technology breakthroughs to achieve progress at scale.

Today’s most pressing challenges are attached to trillion-dollar markets. We invest globally across technology categories when breakthrough science, ambitious entrepreneurs and large markets intersect.

We seek exceptional entrepreneurs who want to work on what matters most. Our first question is always: is this entrepreneur addressing one of the most important issues of our time?

We’re often the first investment into a company, though we can participate at any stage. We are agile in our day-to-day operations and constructive when working with entrepreneurs and co-investors. We are driven by our desire to increase the probability that the most impactful and ambitious ventures of our time succeed. When they thrive, humanity thrives.

We are a team of experienced and independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, and investors building an ecosystem to support the companies of the future.

Starlight Ventures. Progress at scale.